Our History

Rev. Shafqat Younas, the Founder of our Ministry was a born Christian, but his forefathers were strict Brahmins. They worship idols as their Gods and Goddess. His grand father Raj Shastri was priest in the temple.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a congregation of true believers committed to exhibit true Christ love the suffering humanity (hurting, rejected, discouraged, depressed, frustrated and depraved) and equip them to influence their communities.

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Our Mission

To lead people to the lord, strengthen the bond of union in his family and equip them to develop Christ like character as ministers of reconciliation to affect their world with the gospel in worship and in truth. Equip the backward societies about the nature

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Aim and Objectives

Our aim is to train the grass root church planters where the gospel of Christ not reached.
Identifying the people groups who are not reached by any mission.
Children ministry through V.B.S, C.B.C, Clubs and conferences.
Equip the illiterate believers to reach their neighbor and friends.
5) A.I.D.S awareness in remote villages and medical supply to the H.I.V infected patients.
6) Faith home for the children those are rejected from society.

Our Ministries

Education Ministry

Education is a key condition for communities to experience growth and stability.

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Children Education Ministry

we are running our first rental Christian school that we are running for save

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Children Feeding Ministry

We are feeding our school children often here for provide them some better food

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People Feeding Ministry

We are feeding our slave and hungry Christian people here in various areas

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Sunday School Ministry

Children ministry through V.B.S, C.B.C, Clubs and conferences.

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Women Awairness Ministry

Women’s vision embraces opportunities that seek to take action and make an impact

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We proud ofLeadership Team

Shafqat Younas

Founder and Chairman

Mrs. Shafqat Younas

Finance Secretary

Shahid Francis

General Secretary

Shehzad Masih

Area Manager

Nadeem Mehtab

Education Director

Samuel Masih

Child Care

Pastor Cody

Executive Vice President at Hands of Mercy Ministries in Guatemala.


Non Formal School Teacher

Mountain of Jesus Ministries

A Project of Human Development